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I thought I would bring together a list of all my Payday Loan Reviews. My reviews are slightly different because I not only explain the usual details such as the speed of loan or customer service, I also review them from the perspective of someone in payday loan debt.

Here are the Payday Loan Lenders I have used and ended up in Debt with

By clicking on each link in the list below, you can read a review of each Payday Loan lender I have used in the past.

As I mention above, I write a review about the whole process rather than just focussing on the debt aspect. So I write about what you would expect to find along with what happened when I didn’t pay the loan back.

- Wonga Review

- Payday UK Review

- Payday Express Review

- Wageday Advance Review

- TXT Loan Review

Feel free to browse the above reviews. I hope they are helpful to you. Please feel free to leave your own reviews in the comments box below. I would be interested to hear your own experiences of Payday Loan lenders and what you thought of them, good or bad.

My Payday Loan Debt

To be clear, I have nobody else to blame but myself for the Payday Loan debt I have got myself into. However I thought it useful to share my experiences anyway so others can be aware of what could happen with the above lenders.

Payday Loans make up part of my debt, but they are not most of it. My debt is a combination of credit cards and loans as well as Payday Loans. I guess I got carried away a little, along with gambling as well and that was a deadly combination. The result being this blog logging the progress I make in paying back my debts and helping others in debt too.

For me I ended up defaulting on all my Payday Loans as it was the only way I could move on and start to sort out the mess. It wasn’t as bad as I thought it might be and I am now making good progress with paying back what I owe.

If you are looking for help with Payday Loan Debt then you can click here. This link will take you to another article I have written on this blog.

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