My O2 Debt

My O2 Debt

My O2 debt stems from two mobile phone contracts I took out. As mentioned previously, I was completely irresponsible with my money and did not seem to grasp the fact that I had to pay these things back one day.

O2 was yet another debt to add onto the ever-growing pile. Lesson learned.

What happened when I didn’t pay O2?

Not a lot happened to be honest. I received a few letters telling me that I was in arrears. I ignored these and waited for the debt collectors to contact me.

The letters from O2 continued for about three months before the accounts were passed to a company called Buchanan Clark and Wells.

Buchanan Clark and Wells start collecting the Debt

Buchanan Clark and Wells wrote to me to demand payment otherwise they would commence legal proceedings. Nice. Anyway I e-mailed them and asked to set up an arrangement to pay. This was accepted and I paid them for a few months. The debt was then passed to Moorcroft.

Moorcroft start their Debt collection processes

Moorcroft wrote to me advising me that they were now collecting the debt. I am not sure why it was passed on to them, but perhaps O2 felt they would get more money from me by doing so.

Surprisingly they did not because I sent the exact same offer of repayment once more and started to make payments again. In the end the account was sold to a company called Lowell Portfolio.

Lowell Portfolio collect the Debt

Well for the third time I sent off my offer of repayment and I have been paying Lowell for over a year now. I haven’t had any trouble and suspect things will remain this way, so long as I keep on making my payments on time.

What are my plans for my O2 Debt?

I will keep on paying it for now. I am not sure when it will be settled but maybe some time in the not so distant future. The debt doesn’t cause me any problems so I may as well leave it as it is for now.


  1. Gemma Gardiner says

    My husband has a debt that was sold on to buchanan Clark and wells. We set up a payment with them, expecting them to take the payment. What we got, however, was 2 loan companies taking money out and a loan matching company. As the amount of the 2 loan companies add up to the amount set up to pay buchanan, we can only guess that they sold it to the loan matching company who took a fee and sold it on to these 2 loan companies.

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