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Welcome to Debt Advice Blog. This page has been put together as sort of a map to help you navigate through the maze of information on this blog. There is a lot of it, and as much as I try to keep it easy to navigate, I don’t always succeed.

First I should let you know about the purpose of this blog which is…

The Purpose of Debt Advice Blog is to provide information about my debt and help others.

Now that brief introduction is out of the way, let’s navigate the maze of debt help here at Debt Advice Blog.

Need Debt Help?

Looking for debt help? No problem. Visit the Get Debt Help Page. On there I provide links to Payplan, StepChange and TalkaboutDebt. These are not businesses who will try to make money out of you. Payplan and StepChange for instance can offer you a free debt management plan.

Want to Read about my Debt?

You can find everything about my debt under the My Debt category. I write about everything that goes on with my debt, including providing a monthly update of how much I owe. Good for moral support because you can see just how bad things are for me, and it might make you feel better.

Came here looking to set up your own debt management plan?

If you are then I have written a guide explaining how to set up a debt management plan. This is how I am currently managing my own debt and it works for me. You can also see all the information I have written regarding a self managed debt management plan too if you like.

Stuck with Payday Loan Debt?

Then the Payday Loan Debt Help section is just for you. In there you will find a guide explaining how to set up a payday loan repayment plan amongst other useful information.

Want to find out more about the various Debt Solutions?

You can indeed. Visit the Debt Solutions section and have a read. I have written about the most commonly used debt solutions so you can find out more about them. Remember to get professional advice before committing to anything.

Need help finding a Debt Management Company?

Then read this guide Debt Management Companies – Making the right choice for an overview of what you should be looking for.