How Debt Advice Blog Started

Debt Advice Blog

It’s always good to know where something has come from, for example the milk on your cereal or the origin of those potatoes you ate last week. As we are approaching the second birthday of Debt Advice Blog, I thought I may as well write about something to do with the blog for a change. With that in mind this post is all about how Debt Advice Blog came to be. The Beginning I have been dabbling with blogs and… [Read More]

Stuck in Payday Loan Debt

Payday Loan Debt Help

Being stuck in Payday Loan debt is no fun, I can attest to that from my own experience. It typically goes like this, you have several payday loans outstanding and you can’t carry on paying them all, something has to give. You have two choices, find the money to pay them back or you find a way of paying them off at a sensible amount per month. The problem is the fact that these types of loan are so expensive because… [Read More]

Lump sum IVAs, the alternative debt solution

Individual Voluntary Arrangement

*This is a blog post from Debt Advice You Can Trust, we’re a recently launched debt solution website, and we’d like to thank Rob at DAB for allowing us a guest post on his brilliant debt advice blog. At Debt Advice You Can Trust one of the debt solutions we specialise in is individual voluntary arrangements (IVAs). These five to six year agreements are well known and heavily advertised online. IVAs can be a great debt solution for some, and… [Read More]

Scottish Power Complaint

Change Energy Supplier

First of all, if anyone is a Scottish Power customer can you let me know how easy you find them to contact by phone? Specifically over the last few months? I am writing this post today because I am utterly fed up with Scottish Power and their customer service. Specifically getting any kind of service and having any confidence in them. I would love to move energy suppliers, were it not for the fact that I am always in a… [Read More]

Settling Payday Loan Debt

Payday Loan Debt Help

Payday Loan debt can be quite a challenge so getting rid of it as quickly as possible is usually the best way to go. If you have come into some money, you may be able to settle your payday loan debt for a fraction of what you actually owe. The lender gets some of their money back and you can move on. Whilst you may find your offer rejected, it is at least worth asking for a settlement. You have… [Read More]