The Road to Debt – Part One

Getting into Debt Journey

Let me introduce myself, my name is Rob and I am a 30 something living in the UK who also happens to be in a lot of debt. This blog has been designed to make me accountable to this debt, as well as to help others and also to keep me on track with paying […]

Claiming PPI whilst in a Trust Deed

Trust Deed PPI Claims

You may have heard about people claiming vast sums of money in relation to Payment Protection Insurance, or PPI. PPI is an insurance policy which, in the past, lenders regularly sold alongside credit cards and personal loans which was intended to be a safety net for the borrower. PPI was designed to cover repayments on […]

How Debt Advice Blog Started

Debt Advice Blog

It’s always good to know where something has come from, for example the milk on your cereal or the origin of those potatoes you ate last week. As we are approaching the second birthday of Debt Advice Blog, I thought I may as well write about something to do with the blog for a change. […]

Stuck in Payday Loan Debt

Payday Loan Debt Help

Being stuck in Payday Loan debt is no fun, I can attest to that from my own experience. It typically goes like this, you have several payday loans outstanding and you can’t carry on paying them all, something has to give. You have two choices, find the money to pay them back or you find a […]