A Visual Guide to Credit Scores

Credit Report

Sainsbury’s Bank e-mailed me recently asking if I would like to share a rather nice visual guide to your credit score. Well I thought yes why not, these types of graphics are usually very good for explaining something and are more interesting than text. Well I think so any way! This Visual Guide was provided by Sainsbury’s Bank.

Wonga Loan written off

Wonga Debt Written Off

Just thought I would share some good news for a change. One of my partners debts to a company called Wonga was written off last week. It is no surprise really as she couldn’t afford to repay it although it would have been me making payment. You have probably seen the recent turmoil over at Wonga in the news. It’s a shame all this didn’t happen a few years ago as I do wonder whether my Wonga Loan would have… [Read More]

Getting back on track with Debt

UK Debt Blog

Continuing on from where I left off, today is all about getting back on track. A new beginning if you like in the journey towards becoming debt free again. First of all welcome to Debt Advice Blog, my name is Rob and I will be your guide on this long and arduous journey. You will find out about our debt, I say our debt as my partners debt is now also included here. You will also be able to read… [Read More]

Goodbye Car Finance – Hello Car Finance

Bad Credit Car Finance

For quite some time now I have been thinking about getting rid of the car I bought on finance three years ago. You can read more about that episode in my Moneybarn Review. The payment was quite expensive each month, and recently I have found a need to reduce what I am paying out each month, so that I can start to sort out my debts properly. My options for selling my car were quite limited, owing to the fact… [Read More]

WeBuyAnyCar.com Review

Paying off Car Finance

Seeing as though I have used WeBuyAnyCar.com recently I thought I would share my experiences for others to read. I was quite weary of approaching this company due to what I had read and heard, however I feel sometimes you have to see for yourself, and that’s what I did. I recently sold my Vauxhall Corsa to them in order to pay off my existing car finance agreement. Unfortunately the only way I could sell the car was by selling… [Read More]

The Road to Debt – Part Two

Debt Blog

Continuing on with the ‘Road to Debt’ series here is the second installment you have all been waiting for! By the way, If you missed my previous post you can catch it here. A quick note as well whilst I am at it. I apologise that this instalment was not posted as planned. I have been very busy these last few weeks and haven’t had much time to blog. I even missed the second birthday of Debt Advice Blog, two years already can’t… [Read More]

The Road to Debt – Part One

Getting into Debt Journey

Let me introduce myself, my name is Rob and I am a 30 something living in the UK who also happens to be in a lot of debt. This blog has been designed to make me accountable to this debt, as well as to help others and also to keep me on track with paying it back. In this latest post, I will kick things off with the first part of a series of posts detailing the road to debt. It… [Read More]

Claiming PPI whilst in a Trust Deed

Trust Deed PPI Claims

You may have heard about people claiming vast sums of money in relation to Payment Protection Insurance, or PPI. PPI is an insurance policy which, in the past, lenders regularly sold alongside credit cards and personal loans which was intended to be a safety net for the borrower. PPI was designed to cover repayments on the debt if the person lost their job or became ill and could no longer pay. However, in recent years it has become apparent that… [Read More]

How Debt Advice Blog Started

Debt Advice Blog

It’s always good to know where something has come from, for example the milk on your cereal or the origin of those potatoes you ate last week. As we are approaching the second birthday of Debt Advice Blog, I thought I may as well write about something to do with the blog for a change. With that in mind this post is all about how Debt Advice Blog came to be. The Beginning I have been dabbling with blogs and… [Read More]

Stuck in Payday Loan Debt

Payday Loan Debt Help

Being stuck in Payday Loan debt is no fun, I can attest to that from my own experience. It typically goes like this, you have several payday loans outstanding and you can’t carry on paying them all, something has to give. You have two choices, find the money to pay them back or you find a way of paying them off at a sensible amount per month. The problem is the fact that these types of loan are so expensive because… [Read More]